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Stadium name: Shanghai Concert Hall (Sub-stadium: Shanghai Concert Hall Theater)

Updated: 2014-10-10 / (wtcf.travel)

Stadium address: East Yanan Road 523, Shanghai City

Tel.: 021-63862836

Overview of the stadium:

Established in 1930 with original name Nanjing Grand Theater, the Shanghai Concert Hall is the first theater to screen foreign films; the first run of it is the musical film Broadway of Universal Studios. In 1949, its name was changed to "Beijing Theater" but it still mainly screens films of Fox Film Corporation and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

There are overly 1,122 seats (640 in downstairs and 482 in upstairs) in Shanghai Concert Hall; depth of proscenium is 8.35m while the width is 16m, and the available area is about 100 square meters; adjustable echo plate is equipped above the stage with a Steinway D-274 grand piano numbered 574380 and one 60-circuit illumination desk. The illumination desk comprises 46-circuit ceiling spotlight, 4-circuit border light, 10-circuit inside light; and also the hall is equipped with a set of Yamaha audio mixer, as well as 16 jacks for entablature microphone.

In order to reserve the excellent architecture, the concert hall was moved toward southeast direction by 66.46m from the original address and elevated by 3.38m and renovated since September 1, 2002. The Shanghai Concert Hall after movement conducted the re-opening ceremony in October 1, 2004 during which the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra gave the first performance for celebration.

Transportation instruction:

Take Rail Transit Line 1 or byBus 46, 112, 126, 127 or 505 and get off at the People's Square.


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