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WTCF Holds Annual Sub-committees Meeting in Mudanjiang

Publish Time:2016-01-11 15:41:00Source:WTCF

【Introduction】:On January 11, 2016, World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) held its annual sub-committees meeting in Mudanjiang,

On January 11, 2016, World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) held its annual sub-committees meeting in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province. More than 60 member representatives from WTCF’s Committee of Aviation, Committee of Tourism-Related Businesses and Committee of Media Organizations participated. Cheng Hong, Vice Chairperson of the WTCF Council and Deputy Mayor of Beijing, Song Yu, WTCF Secretary-General, Liu Chunlin, Deputy Director, General Office of Heilongjiang Province, Liu Xin, Deputy Secretary of CPC Mudanjiang Municipal Committee and Mayor of Mudanjiang and Yan Zizhong, Deputy Mayor of Mudanjiang attended the meeting.



WTCF, initiated by Beijing, is the first international tourism organization with cities as the main body, and to date WTCF has 151 members in total. There are four sub-committees under the Federation, namely Expert Committee, Committee of Aviation, Committee of Tourism-Related Businesses and Committee of Media Organizations. After holding the annual Expert Committee meeting in Beijing, WTCF this time held the annual meeting of the other three sub-committees in Mudanjiang, one of the WTCF city members. Song Yu, WTCF Secretary-General made a report on summary of the Federation’s work in 2015 and its work plan in 2016. Yu Ningning, President of China International Travel Service, He Zhigang, General Manager of the Marketing Department, Air China, Mei Luming, General Manager of International Science and Technology Department, Capital Airports Holding Company and Qin Zhanguo, Assistant Proprieter and Beijing Branch Office Proprieter, WEN WEI PO delivered speeches on behalf of the three sub-committees respectively.


Li Baochun, WTCF Deputy Secretary-General introduced the implementation scheme of the member service items, including the detailed contents of convention and exhibition services, We-Media marketing promotion, tourism project investment and financing, training services and academic research, etc. Li Baochun expressed that since the launch of Member Service Items Manual at Rabat & Fez Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit 2015, WTCF members have shown a positive attitude in participation, on which basis the Federation’s refined member service items and will widely heed the opinions of members, striving to facilitate city-city, city-institution and institution-institution cooperation and implement WTCF’s member services.


Cheng Hong, Vice Chairperson of the WTCF Council pointed out in her speech that WTCF has made impressive achievements in 2015, and in 2016 the Federation should focus on fulfilling the following work on the basis of last year’s successful practices: holding the re-election of the WTCF Council, preparing for Chongqing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit, admitting new members with emphasis, offering high-standard member services, promoting international exchanges actively and strengthening the construction of industry branches. The Federation should take the lead in such aspects as establishment of industry regulations, tourism cities’ development and tourism behavior norms. Since the founding of WTCF in 2012, the Federation has shifted from the initial stage of admitting new members and extensive publicity into the new stage of improving member services and expanding influence. And WTCF must make greater breakthroughs in expanding its influence in order to take a leap forward, implementing what Wang Anshun, Chairman of the WTCF Council and Mayor of Beijing said lately: “Make efforts wholeheartedly to build WTCF into an influential international organization.”


After the annual meeting, the three sub-committees held meetings respectively and had in-depth discussions about work report of WTCF made by Secretary-General Song Yu and contents of Member Service Items Manual, and they exchanged views combining the work of their own committee. The representatives showed their welcome to the launch of the member service items and put forward many constructive suggestions, and they expressed that they will get down to the Federation’s work actively as always, strive to provide more resources and strengthen cooperation on the platform of WTCF. The representatives all agreed that the implementation of the member service items will be helpful to elevate WTCF’s work to a new height, provide more extensive cooperation opportunities for WTCF members and boost the development of world tourism industry in the future.

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