Delegation Led by Mr. Earnest Wooden Jr. Communicated with WTCF Secretariat Repr

Publish Time:2015-10-26

【Introduction】:Earnest Wooden Jr. visited Beijing.

16-19 October, 2015, Earnest Wooden Jr., President of Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board & Vice Chairman of WTCF Council, visited Beijing. On the morning of 17 October, he led a delegation of 27 people from L.A. Tourism Board, Hospitality Industry and Scenic Spots to communicate with World Tourism Cities Federation Secretariat Representatives.



(L.A Tourism Board Paying a Visit)

As the Vice-Chairman Cities of WTCF Council and one of the five initiative member cities, Los Angeles joined WTCF in the year of 2012. WTCF Secretary-General Song Yu delivered warm welcome to the L.A. delegation and showed his support to the L.A. counterparts for their tourism promotion activities in Chinese market.



(Secretary-General Song Yu Making a Statement)



(Vice-Chairman Mr. Earnest Wooden Making a Statement)

Mr. Wooden noted that, he has witnessed the dynamic and rapid development of WTCF in the past four years. As the Vice-Chairman unit, Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board will keep supporting the work of WTCF. 2016 is the Sino-US Tourism Exchange Year. Mr. Wooden hoped much closer and more effective cooperation opportunities between L.A. and other cities could be created through the platform of WTCF. In the meanwhile, he expressed strong will of L.A. to apply for the WTCF Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit 2017.

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