• The Summit Hosted Four Forum Sessions

  • The Tourism Trade Fair and Tourism Exhibition Were Held During the Summit

  • The Tourism Market Promotion and Lunch Promotion Meeting Were Held During the 2018 Fragrant Hills Summit

  • WTCF Sub-Committee Meetings Held

  • World Tourism Cities Ranking Lists Released

Live Stream



An interview with Didier Truchot, Ipsos Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

An interview with Didier Truchot, Ipsos Chairman and Chief Executive...

An Interview with Ernest Wooden, Jr., President and CEO of Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board

An Interview with Ernest Wooden, Jr., President and CEO of Los Angeles...

An Interview with Sergio Daneluzzi, Milan City Marketing Division International Projects Unit

An Interview with Sergio Daneluzzi, Milan City Marketing Division...

An Interview with Julie Chappell, Managing Director, International Markets, London& Partners

An Interview with Julie Chappell, Managing Director, International...

Panel Discussion

How Brands Create Growth and Prosperity for Cities and Regions

Gerhard Hrebicek

President of European Brand Institute

Destination branding in Latin America

Gonzalo Robredo

President of the Tourism Entity of the City of Buenos Aires, WTCF Vice Chairman City


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Travelling in Qingdao

  • Port of Qingdao

    Port of Qingdao

    The Port of Qingdao is situated inside the Jiaozhou Bay, which was constructed in 1892. The port has a history of 125 years, and is an important China state-owned enterprise. It is China’s second largest foreign trade port which can receive and send...

  • Sailing Boat Competition

    Sailing Boat Competition

    Qingdao has always been complimented as China's Sailing City. If you want to become a passionate sailor sailing on the sea of roaring waves, then you can receive training from a professional coach on practical training and competitive sailing...

  • Old Urban Area

    Old Urban Area

    ​Laoshe’s Former Residence, St. Michael's Cathedral, Qingdao German Stylish Street, and the 100-year-old Qingdao Railways Station... All of these places are located in the old urban area. If possible, you must climb to the top of the Signal Hill Park...

  • Catholic Church

    Catholic Church

    The church is called St. Michael's Cathedral and is decorated in the Italian Renaissance style. Since the cathedral can accommodate 10,000 individuals, it gets turned into the largest Gothic building in Qingdao, and is also the only consecration church...

  • Qingdao International Beer Festival

    Qingdao International Beer Festival

    The Qingdao International Beer Festival was created in 1991, and is held during the peak travel season of Qingdao in August of every year. The Qingdao International Beer Festival is a grand festive event which integrates trade, tourism, and culture...

  • Fascinating Bays

    Fascinating Bays

    The coastline of Qingdao has been assessed as one of the 36 most beautiful coastlines of the world and this is the proof. It is the bays dotted along the beautiful coastline that make visitors who come here feel fascinated...

  • Night of Qingdao

    Night of Qingdao

    Qingdao is like Cinderella in the fairy tales. As night falls, it will change into its luxurious costumes to dazzle the spectators. One side of it is the glamorous sea, and the other side is the splendid lights. They work together to form a fascinating...

  • Amazing Seashore

    Amazing Seashore

    Half of it is embraced by the sea, and the other half is located near the hills. With the warmth and style of the sea, Qingdao has become a mesmerizing coastal city for its numerous visitors. Only when you come here, can you really understand what is...

  • City Lifestyle

    City Lifestyle

    Located in the west of downtown Qingdao is an open-air exhibition area, where you will see ancient buildings constructed by many different nations; located in the east of it is the Shopping Mall, where numerous tall buildings stand near each other like...

  • Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

    Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

    The length of Jiaozhou Bay Bridge or the Qingdao Haiwan Bridge is considered to be the world s longest cross-sea bridge surpassed the previously longest cross-sea bridge in the world--Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge and Chesapeake bay bridge-tunnel...

  • Qingdao Bay

    Qingdao Bay

    Qingdao Bay is full of attractions such as Zhanqiao Pier, Little Qingdao. The green trees, orange crocks and blue water working into a perfectly-tuned minimalist color palette. It is one of Qingdao s most famous attractions...

  • Golden Sands Beach (Jinshatan Beach)

    Golden Sands Beach (Jinshatan Beach)

    Located in Qingdao s Huangdao District, Golden Sands Beach is a 3500 meter stretch and and 300 meters wide of sand, divided into crescent-shaped areas. The beach boasts soft golden sands, it is claimed to be the “No.1 beach in Asia”, while the more...

  • Old Stone Man Beach (Shilaoren Beach)

    Old Stone Man Beach (Shilaoren Beach)

    The Old Stone Man Beach features beautiful fine sand, perfect for spreading out on or playing beach spots. The beach is the largest in Qingdao. The Spots is famous for the 17-meter craggy rock formation in the ocean near the beach, which is said to...

  • Laoshan


    Laoshan is the main mountain of Shandong Peninsula. It stands at the shore of the Yellow Sea, high and majestic. The mountains connect to the sea which is the feature of Laoshan scenery. Among all famous mountains all over the country, only Laoshan is loc

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