VIP Guests

  • Wang Hong_fororder_20190829051610406

    Wang Hong

    Executive Vice Chairperson of WTCF Council, Vice Mayor of Beijing

  • Zhu Shanzhong_fororder_20190829051809869

    Zhu Shanzhong

    Executive Director of United Nations World Tourism Organization

  • Vladimir Norov_fororder_20190829052020600

    Vladimir Norov

    Secretary-General of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

  • Jan Vapaavuori_fororder_20190829052145529

    Jan Vapaavuori

    Mayor of the City of Helsinki

  • Frank Ross_fororder_20190830045450198

    Frank Ross

    Lord Provost of Edinburgh, UK

  • Jean Francois Martins_fororder_20190830045732803

    Jean Francois Martins

    Vice Mayor, City of Paris

Forum Special Session

Forum Session I: Cultural Heritage &Creative Industry

Forum Session II: Intelligent Tourism City Marketing

Forum Session III: Connectivity and Tourism Growth

Forum Session IV: Technological Innovation & Sustainable Travel

2020 and 2021 Summit Host Cities

  • Host City of the 2020 Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit_fororder_img07

    Host City of the 2020 Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit


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