Ljubljana, the small yet charming capital of Slovenia, is a stylish city of culture, history and gastronomy, offering a blend of old charm and new cool as well as a relaxed atmosphere.

Ljubljana, the small yet charming capital of Slovenia, is a stylish city of culture, history and gastronomy, offering a blend of old charm and new cool as well as a relaxed atmosphere. With a population of 295,000, out of 2.100.000 in Slovenia, it is an easily manageable destination with vast pedestrian zones and a true walking city par excellence. Both its residents and numerous visitors perceive Ljubljana as a city built on a human scale. Despite the fact that it ranks among the mid-sized European cities, it has preserved its small-town friendliness and, at the same time it has everything that all the larger capitals have.

Visitors like exploring the narrow-cobbled streets in the Old Town, which, together with a wider city centre area, is closed for traffic.  One of its landmarks and main attractions is the medieval Ljubljana Castle, which stands on top of a hill above the historic quarter since centuries. The city coats-of-arms depict the castle tower as well as the symbol of Ljubljana – a mighty dragon, which also has its very own, central bridge, named the Dragon Bridge.

The welcoming atmosphere along the Ljubljanica riverbanks, with its thriving café scene, a collection of intricately crafted bridges over the river, luscious urban gardens, the Baroque and Art Nouveau heritage, the architectural gems designed by the world-renowned Jože Plečnik, and numerous other historic, gastronomic and cultural attractions harmoniously blend together into the city's image and character. Whether one is a lover of culture, history and art, enjoys casual city wanderings and a vivid student atmosphere, seeks culinary delights or relaxation in nature, Ljubljana has something to offer that will not fail to impress. Gastronomy is becoming a truly hot topic and the culinary experience in our city ranges from traditional cuisine representing all regions of Slovenia, as well as authentic dishes from our city, united under the Taste Ljubljana brand, to fine dining and Michelin-starred restaurants.   

The title of European Green Capital 2016, awarded by the European Commission, has significantly strengthened Ljubljana’s recognition and city brand worldwide, putting us on the map of the leading sustainable, green, innovative, visitor friendly and most liveable capitals.  

Voyage to a whole new world...just thirty minutes from Ljubljana

A journey around the edges of Ljubljana takes you through 25 municipalities which, together with the capital, compose the region of Ljubljana Region and form Ljubljana’s green belt – as if wrapping the city in a big hug.

Ljubljana is where the Alpine foothills and the Alps meet the Slovenian Karst, offering visitors a charming opportunity to be in the midst of urban bustle and just a moment later by a quiet river, in the middle of a glade or in the silence of a forest, broken only by the song of birds.

Numerous attractions in the Ljubljana Region region are easily accessible from Ljubljana on organised trips. You can head to the Velika Planina high mountain plateau for a herdsmen’s lunch and after returning to the valley, discover the medieval town of Kamnik.

You can choose a leisurely walk around the Volčji Potok Arboretum or a more adrenalinefuelled experience in the Geoss Adventure Park. Invite yourself for a cup of tea with Count Blagaj in Polhov Gradec, and, south of Ljubljana, discover one of the most unique museums – the Bistra Technical Museum, which boasts a collection of limousines that once belonged to Yugoslavia’s former president Tito.

Population:    300.000

Area: 164 km2


Venice - 240 km

Wiena - 380 km

Munchen - 400 km

Budapest 460 km

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