St. Petersburg: Spend your Summertime in the "Venice of the North"

In this extremely hot summer, there is a place where the average temperature in summer is only 23℃, and there are many wonderful tourist attractions, such as Neva Street, Summer Palace, Isakovsky Cathedral, etc. 

Copenhagen: Stroll in the Summer Fairy Tale

 Being a combination of tradition and modernity, Copenhagen is a famous historical and cultural city in the world. Mermaid statues, Frederiksborg Castle, New Port and other scenic spots are all unique. 

Helsinki: A Cool Summer in a Nordic Seaside City

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is known as the "White City of the North" and is a good place to escape the summer heat. Not only does it have refreshing summers, with an average temperature of just 16°C, but it also has beautiful landscape. Let's spend a cool summer in this beautiful Nordic city!

Edingburgh: Enjoy a Romantic Cool Summer in the Ancient Historic City

Some people say that summer is the best season in Edinburgh in which this city shows its best and opens its arms to everyone.

San Francisco: Enjoy Multiple Summer Experiences

Surrounded by water on three sides, San Francisco with a cool climate is an ideal summer escape. Influenced by cold currents, It has a  Mediterranean climate. Thanks to sea breeze, the daily high temperature in the city in summer is usually only about 20 degrees.

Datong:Best Choice for a Cool Summer

Located in the plateau area at the junction of Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Hebei, Datong, Shanxi Province is among one of the ancient capitals with a long history and cultural heritage.

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