Washington D.C.: Encountering the Collision of Modern and Ancient Art

Washington is not only the political center of the United States, but also one of the cultural and artistic centers of the country. Unlike the bustle of New York, the fresh, tranquil and humanistic atmosphere of Washington and its rich cultural landscape makes people linger. 

Paris: A Walk through the Unparalleled City of Art and Pomance

Paris is the largest city in France and one of the ten most famous cities in the world. It is known as the "capital of flowers", the capital of fashion, the capital of culture, the capital of art, the capital of romance and many more. The people of Paris have brought a colorful vitality to this city of dreams, forming a unique mark of Paris, as the Austrian poet Rene Maria Rilke once said: "Paris is an unparalleled city."

Florence: An Artistic Exploration of the Renaissance Time Period

Florence, a city in middle Italy, is the origin of the Renaissance, which means it boasts abundant art resources, including churches, palaces and art museums of differed styles with classic works from all over the world.

London:Appreciating the British Art

As an international metropolis, London city blends modern and traditional elements perfectly. It boasts profound culture and history with strong artistic atmosphere. The city has renowned museums, art galleries, art colleges and other art places, becoming a paradise for art lovers from across the world.

Copenhagen: The City of Art in Northern Europe

Copenhagen is a well-known historical and cultural city in the world, and you can feel art everywhere in this city. Come to Copenhagen in the beautiful autumn and experience the pleasure brought by art, and seek inner peace through art.

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