Bangkok: Waving in Floating Markets

For people who are accustomed to shopping on land, bargaining with the vendors when on the boat sounds funny. But in Bangkok, Venice of the East, floating markets can represent the most characteristic canal style. Since it's called a floating market, there is no doubt that all businesses are being carried out above the water.

London: 'Quirky' Markets of Commercial Metropolis

Portobello Road Market, located in west London's Notting Hill and provided the setting for the 1999 movie Notting Hill, is one of London’s oldest and best-known street markets, with a history that could be traced back to the 19th century.

Madrid: Discover Delicacies at Markets

Spanish people are known for their love for food. The aromatic olive oil, thin slices of Iberian ham and seafood are among the representative food products of this country. For those new to Madrid, the best place to taste the local cuisine can be a food market rather than an Internet-famous restaurant.

Marrakech: Prosperity of the City of Clay

As the former capital of Morocco, Marrakech has been an important trading city in North Africa since its foundation in 1071. Artisans, cooks and entertainers contributed to the lively atmosphere of this city. The famous Djemaa el-fna, located in the middle of Medina, Marrakech, is the best reflection of the bustle of this clay city.

Paris: Paradise for Market Lovers

At Paris's markets, you can find everything good: fresh fruits and vegetables, exquisite pastries and desserts, and unique art crafts. Enjoy the most special Parisian vibe here.

Tianjin: Experience Local Culture in the Ancient Culture Street

As one of the top 10 scenic attractions in Tianjin, Tianjian Ancient Culture Street is located in Nankai District. There are nearly one hundred stores along the street, which is also a gathering place for many time-honored folk handicraft shops in Tianjin. Besides folk handicrafts, tourists can also enjoy antique closely. In the Golden Autumn, let's visit folk handicraft shops along the street and experience local culture.

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