Amsterdam: A Visit to the Flowery Wonderland

As the capital and the largest city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is also known as the "City of Flowers". In March, the city's vibrant tulips, blooming daisies, and clean canals will surely create a gorgeous fairy-tale-like scenery for those of you who visit the city.

Bangkok: Your Best Choice to Enjoy Spring Ahead of Time

Bangkok, a world first-tier city and the second largest city in Southeast Asia, is the capital and the largest city of Thailand. The city, known as the  "City of Angels", is Thailand's center of politics, economy, trade, transportation, culture, science, technology, education and religion, etc.  The tropical monsoon climate brings Bangkok's temperature in March to 25℃- 34℃, perfect for tourism. So why not come to Bangkok to feel the breath of spring in advance this March?

Kunming: Views of Flowers in the City of Spring

Kunming, a city situated in the southwestern part of China, has been reputed as the "City of Spring" for centuries thanks to its geographical position. In this month of the dry season, under the bright sun, hundreds of thousands of flowers blossom in the city's parks, tea farms and even temples' surroundings. At this time ideal for outing, why not go to Kunming and feel the magnificence of flowers?

Madrid: Roaming in Early Spring

As the capital of Spain, Madrid is one of the most populous cities in its country. The summer in this city is hot and dry while the temperature in winters keeps at approximately seven Celsius. Therefore, its weather is much amicable in spring and autumn. Everything in nature now is coming back to life in every corner of Madrid this March. Let's go and explore the unique vibe of Madrid in early spring!

Vancouver: Gardens Touched by the Breeze of Spring

The arrival of March does not mean the beginning of spring for most provinces in Canada, as the outside is still dominated by snow on the roads, frost-coated boreal trees and greyish white clouds covering the sky. The country is however lucky enough to have this unusual city called Vancouver. Thanks to the currents nearby, Vancouver is among the Canadian cities that witness the earliest spring's arrival around the year. With trees and other plants scattered all over the city, Vancouver is a wonderful destination for spring-outings in March.

Yangzhou: A Journey in the Flowery March

March is the best time to feel the early spring vibe of Yangzhou. You will find plum blossoms, winter jasmines, dogwood flowers, magnolia flowers and other flowers on the streets or in the parks of Yangzhou in March. The whole city, with a strong scent of spring and a magnificent seasonal view, welcomes tourists everywhere to picture the flower blossoms and feel the overwhelmingly romantic atmosphere.

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