Montreal: Experience the Unique Charm of Autumn in North America

Montreal is the economic center and the main port of Quebec, Canada. The city becomes the most beautiful every autumn. In September, visitors will be able to watch a breathtaking nature’s fashion show, where the the glory of plants intertwine like a wonderland in green, yellow and red.

St. Petersburg: Picturesque Autumn Scenery in the City of Art

Known as the "northern capital" of Russia, St. Petersburg has a beautiful scenery every autumn. The city boasts a numerous tourist attractions including grand Summer Palace of Peter the Great and Winter Palace, the Neva Street with a long history as well as ancient cathedrals and theaters.

Hamburg: Enjoy the Golden Autumn Scenery in the "World Bridge City"

As the second largest city and the second financial center of Germany, Hamburg is known as the "Bridge City of the World". With its beautiful scenery, ancient culture and numerous famous sights, the city is an internationally renowned tourist city, known as "Germany's gateway to the world".

Amsterdam: Appreciate the Beauty of "Venice of the North" in Autumn

Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherland in North Europe. It was the world's most important port and the center of banking industry back in the 17th century.

Valletta:Enjoy Tranquil Autumn

Valletta is the capital of the Republic of Malta and a famous European cultural city. Located in southern Europe, Malta, with an area of 316 square kilometers, is the largest archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea and a world-famous tourist destination. 

Altay Prefecture: Enjoy the Autumn Scenery in Northern Xinjiang

Altay Prefecture is located in the northern part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. In September, the autumn scenery of it is also ready to be seen.

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