Armenia, the Hidden Gastro Track

Making heavy use of local herbs - Parsley, Tarragon, mountain Mint and others - Armenian dishes are brimming with freshness. Like Tolma, stuffed vine or cabbage leaves, eggplants, or other vegetables with meat uniquely spiced and seasoned… Or Kyufta, meatballs with spices...with the crown jewel of Armenian cuisine being Khorovats (Barbeque), a necessity on the table for any Armenian celebration.

Zagreb Cuisine

Through centuries under the rule of and in the vicinity of other nations, Zagreb gastronomy collected influences from everywhere – from Austrian, Hungarian, Italian, but also Turkish and oriental cuisines. Its basis, however, has always been the local ingredients coming from Zagreb's fertile and hard-working surroundings. The food has to be rich and enjoyable, and the gathering of friends and family around the table is always a true feast.

Cairo: Enjoy Delicious Middle Eastern Cuisine

Speaking of Cairo, images of the Nile and the pyramids spring to mind, but there's far more to it than that, especially when it comes to food. As the capital and the largest city of Egypt, Cairo is full of plentiful food. If you are lucky enough to be invited to have a meal with a Cairo family, please grab this opportunity to glut yourself with delicacies.

Malacca: Edible Masterpieces of Nyonya

Hundreds of years ago, traders from China headed towards the Straits of Malacca, settled down, and married local women. Their mixed-race female descendants are collectively known as Nyonya. The dexterous Nyonya combined Chinese cooking techniques with the local ingredients to cook colorful and tasty dishes. The dishes of Nyonya Cuisine are masterpieces that have captured the hearts of diners and embody the cultural exchanges along the Maritime Silk Road. Today, in the city of Malacca, you can still taste the delicacies that have been passed down from Nyonya ladies in the past.

Samarkand: City of Gastronomical Wonders on Silk Road

The local cuisine is heavily influenced by the surrounding regions, which brings together the cuisines and food traditions of several ethnic groups and bears their marks over the centuries, such as Caucasians, the Tajiks, Russians, Turks, and the Uzbeks themselves. Therefore it is difficult to pin down a specific starting point for cuisines in Samarkand.

Xi'an: Cuisine with Profound History

As the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, Xi'an (known as Chang'an in ancient times), holds a certain fame across China and the world. The ancient Chinese city of Shaanxi province is indeed a food paradise. There are many foods in Xi'an have been influenced by other regions, for example, raw materials and cooking ways from Islamic countries and regions have been introduced into the city. Combined with local cooking skills, many famous Halal cuisines have been developed in Xi'an.

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