The World Tourism Cities Federation’s We Media

Publish Time:2014-09-01

The World Tourism Cities Federation’s We Media

The WTCF’s We Media is a cross-media and multi-terminal comprehensive tourism promotion and marketing-service system that integrates the Internet, mobile media, social media and print media. It’s an important channel for the federation and its members to share information and promote products. We Media is also an authoritative platform for travelers to get information and consumer services.

Members can access official tourism-consulting information through the We Media platform and present their own tourism attractions, cultural heritage, customs and travel tips through videos, animation and other methods. The platform will expand the marketing and promotion space of the WTCF and its members, upgrade the comprehensive information service capabilities of tourist destinations, and offer sufficient information service to tourists. It will boost effective information and resources among members as well.

The We Media platform will cover the following aspects:

Travel Experience Interaction

This aspect is composed of four parts: an exclusive channel for city tourism, a travel blog, a platform for talents to share travel plans and a travel review system. It aims to provide a comprehensive and thoughtful interactive and sharing experience for travelers all over the world, creating a platform for interaction between members and travelers.

Mobile App

By making use of the convenience, immediacy and openness of mobile terminals, the WTCF has developed two major app products for the promotion of tourism information of the WTCF, as well as an app exclusively for city members. Combining functions such as journey sharing, translation, tour guides, and food and accommodation maps, these apps can satisfy tourists’ need for intelligent travel management, strong service, personalized travel and prolific information, creating “an intimate travel advisor in your pocket.”

City Tourism Data Center

The data and content of the We Media platform consists of three sub-databases: the city tourism resource database, the traveler (user) information database and the member city database. They are highly interconnected and share resources with each other.

By creating travel experience interaction, mobile apps and a city tourism data center, the WTCF has built We Media into a one-stop travel information service platform integrating the promotion and management of member information, consulting services for tourists and business services for tourist products. It establishes an information service system featuring multi-platform, multi-terminal and diversified development. The platform will realize direct docking and in-depth integration with high-end tourism and cultural resources in China and beyond, so that both traditional and modern Chinese tourism culture and resources and the rest of the world can find precious opportunities for harmonious exchange, creating a brand new international tourism brand. This attempt will also allow the tourism cities and organizations to grasp the changes in the tourism markets, carry out targeted operations, and promote the development of a tourism economy of cities around the world.

Official Website

The official website of the WTCF includes both Chinese and English versions, designed to build a platform for travelers to access tourism information and for members to promote their tourism spots and products.

The website offers information about the WTCF itself and its city members.

As the official website, it will be the main channel for brand promotion and information release, including an introduction to the WTCF, its latest developments, academic reports, and recent activities.

Meanwhile, the website will contain all city members’ tourism information, using modern information technology, multi-level, and multi-channel demonstration to represent sceneries, cultural heritage, traditions and customs, and travel guides of various cities.

The promotion and marketing platform refers to efforts made by the website to provide members with a comprehensive and multi-level trading and marketing channel, which will also be a platform for exchange, communication, business matchmaking and cooperation facilitation among members and an "online global tourism and commerce information distribution center."

The website will help promote member cities and travel agencies’ products so that the distribution of domestic and international tourism resources will be more efficient and the global tourism industry will be promoted.

While serving its members, the website aims to keep up with the socialized development trends of new media, setting up interactive functions such as social networks sharing, Internet users’ comments and FAQs. This move can keep members closer to Internet users, offer more convenience to them, and effectively strengthen the bond between users and the website.

In the future, when the number of users reaches a certain level, the website will also establish an e-commerce platform to support personalized tour management. This will mainly include a reservation service (such as air tickets, train tickets, hotels and restaurants booking and reservation), as well as online shops selling tourism products, travel guides and insurance.

The WTCF official website offers a variety of promotional bits for members to display the charm of their tourist destinations, introduce popular tourism resources and products, and publicize the latest activities of member units

World Tourism Cities Magazine

The World Tourism Cities magazine was initiated by the federation. It has both Chinese and English versions, and is a quarterly magazine. It has eight columns, namely "Focus", "Member Activities & Events", "City Records", "Charm", "Sharing", "Cases", "Journey", and "Federation".

The magazine conducts in-depth and effective reporting and analysis on the following: big events of the federation, the latest developments in the tourism industry, the construction and marketing of tourism destinations, the services and development of those who work in the tourism industry, and consumer behavior of travelers.

The World Tourism Cities magazine aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the service functions of the WTCF itself, promote and carry out in-depth reports on its members from various angles and at all levels, pay attention to academic achievements of the WTCF, set standards for the international tourism research, build a learning platform for tourism management and operation, and strengthen the WTCF’s functions of travel introduction and guidance, as well as communication and interaction.

The majority of the magazine’s readers are city members and institution members, as well as potential members, tourism managers, business elites, and high-end consumer groups.

The magazine will be distributed through various channels: delivering to the organizations in charge of tourism in each member city; displayed in the rooms of renowned hotel chains in Beijing; directly mailed to high-end tourism managers and operators; and sold in the bookstores at airports and CRH stations.

World Tourism Cities News

As the exclusive communication channel for members of the WTCF, the World Tourism Cities News takes the purpose of better serving its members, and aims at promoting exchange and cooperation among city and institution members, sharing their experiences in the tourism industry, discussing hot topics related to the development of city tourism, and strengthening the interaction and cooperation within the tourism market so as to improve the level of the tourism industry’s development.

The World Tourism Cities News tries to promote the coordinated development of society and the economy of tourism cities all over the world, become a platform for win-win cooperation and mutual benefits for world tourism cities, and provide information services for existing city and institution members as well as their partners.

The publication has three versions: daily, weekly and monthly. It collects the most up-to-date and most targeted moments of city members and industry-related information, providing all-round information and guidance from the policy, development, and data levels as well as cooperation information. It also offers an information exchange platform for the promotion of its members.

World Tourism Cities App

World Tourism Cities App is committed to creating the most convenient, authoritative and accurate travel information app, providing high-quality information services for tourists, tourism-related businesses and city members of the WTCF.

Tourists can find in the app all kinds of information including restaurants, hotels, attractions, entertainment sites, shopping centers, DIY travel routes, and traffic navigation.

Meanwhile, tourists can also find a number of user comments, experience sharing, real-time suggested travel plans and other contents.

In addition to the travel plans shared by tourists, something which is common among all tourism apps, the World Tourism Cities app gives full play to its dominating position as a place to release authoritative and official information.

By searching, tourists can get first-hand official information, such as the latest traffic situation in their destinations, seasonal recommendations and upcoming events.

Currently, the WTCF is comprehensively integrating related product information of its member units and the tourism industry, striving to create a comprehensive media platform combining information release, cooperation and exchange, and tourism services.

It is expected to lay a solid foundation for the improvement and sustainable development of the social and commercial values of the WTCF.

World Tourism Cities Federation WeChat

The WeChat account of the WTCF is designed to provide a multi-level exchange platform. Through this channel, tourism cites and institution members can establish brand awareness, and push interested topics, product information and events.

They can also have close and efficient interaction with tourists, answer every question posed by them, and establish a one-on-one communication mechanism with them.

Since the popularity of WeChat is based on strong relationships and initiative access, the information should be better targeted and well received.

The WTCF’s WeChat account can provide targeted information through backstage user grouping and location controls.

It can send mass texts, images, voice and other types of content, as well as thematic information. For resources and products of tourist destinations, the account can push text and images on a daily basis, accompanied by information on sales and promotional activities to attract tourists.

World Tourism Cities Federation Microblog

The WTCF is cooperating with to jointly establish the official microblog of the WTCF. It is positioned as an information sharing and communication platform providing travel, leisure and entertainment services. Information shared on this platform mainly includes updates and events of the member cities and institution members, represented in the form of pictures and texts. Utilizing the features of a microblog, the WTCF and will jointly hold a series of promotional events, and initiate discussion on popular tourism topics, interacting with Internet users and microblog fans to establish a face-to-face communication community. Meanwhile, with the help of opinion leaders on the microblog, and using hot expressions online, the official microblog can be more interesting and more effective in spreading information.

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