(VI)Industry Training

Industry Training

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【Introduction】:To further enrich service contents and develop a training platform, WTCF will carry out targeted training sessions in line with the development trends of global tourism markets and the common requests of member cities

1. General Information on Training Programs

WTCF training programs mainly targets members. It aims to help international member cities better understand the Chinese tourism market and Chinese tourists, promote communication and cooperation between international cities and Chinese tourism enterprises, and tourism related media establishments. It also helps Chinese member cities better understand the global tourism market and faci litate p romotions i n international destinations. Two or three phases of training will be held each year in different member cities.

2. 2016-2017 Training Programs

Overseas Promotion of Chinese Tourism Cities (Macao, Oct.14th-16th)

The training session targets Chinese tourism cities. It aims to help them facilitate promotions in the international market and it depends on in the international market. Representatives of WTCF’s international member cities, famous experts and senior employees in international tourism sector will be invited to discuss topics including, world tourism cities management concepts and experiences, world-renowned tourism cities cases and how Chinese tourism cities implement international promotions.

International Tourism Destination (Cities) Promotion and Marketing Training Course (Beijing, May, 2017)

The training session targets International tourism cities. It aims to help them facilitate promotions in the Chinese market. The cou rse will be thought through multiple methods including lecture, seminar, and case study and so on. It focuses on t he promotion of international tourism destinations in the Chinese market and the current situation of Chinese outbound tourism.

Membership Customized Training Program

WTCF can provide customized training according to the demands of members. For customized training held in member cities, WTCF can invited the teachers. Their fees for transportation, meals, accommodation and lecturing should be provided by the member cities. Other fees can be provided through negotiation between member cities and WTCF.

3. Faculty

Includes famous scholars from colleges and tourism research institutions of China and abroad, officials of tourism department, officials of large tourism enterprises and tourism media.

4. Form of Traning

The training combined with lectures, free communication, survey on tourism enterprises and tourism destinations, and so on.

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