(III) Publicity


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【Introduction】:WTCF boasts abundant and extensive resources, advantages and influence With its platforms and resources, WTCF can help member cities make dedicated promotion plans on tourist source markets

1. We-media Platform: WTCF boasts abundant and extensive resources, advantages, and influence. With its platforms and resources, WTCF can help member cities make dedicated promotion plans on tourist source markets, marketing and media publicity; and leverage the resources and energies of tourism enterprises, experienced tourists, and the media to improve the reputation and appeal of tourism destination cities among Chinese tourists. Members’ rights include:

Ø City / Institutional member homepage: The WTCF official website and APP create webpages for city members and institutional members, to give an all-around display of city members and provide an open avenue with more and better opportunities for institutional members.

Ø Members-only official information release: We-media platform will set up special column for members, who can then release recent key information, hot topic analysis, and issues that concern visitors in an authoritative and official fashion.

2. Promotional (Customized) Service: provide exclusive service according to the member's promoting objective and budget, for example:

Ø Destination's tourism resources promotion

Ø Media marketing plans

Ø Wider coverage promotion through the Committee of Media Organizations

Ø Negotiation to purchase advertisements at a price below current market value

Ø Helping destination cities set up official Weibo accounts: Sina Weibo (ww w.weibo.com) is a famous social platform. As of March 2014, the number of registered Weibo users totaled 450 million, the number of monthly active users totalled 143.8 million, and the number of daily actively users totaled 66.6 million. There are large numbers of government institutions, officials, enterprises, and individual accounts on Weibo. As a matter of fact, Sina Weibo’s open communication mechanism has earned it the reputation of“ public meeting hall” of China. Sina.com is the strategic partner of WTCF which can enable members to create tourism cit y’s official Weibo through a simplified process, and help to identify related cooperative partner to update their Weibo content, introduce the tourism resources and activities of destination cities, and assist them in interacting with followers and Key Opinion Leaders and many other promotional methods.

Ø Helping destination cities customize their APPs: Tourism APPs are one of the most convenient andeffective marketing tools on the Internet which can achieve glo bal coverage without the limit of regional differences. WTCF can identify cooperative partners for destination cities to customize their APPs. As a result, tourists may look for information and tips about the tourism sites of destination cities through the APP, and interact online with the service providers of venue tickets, bus tickets, tourism groups, and other travel services.

Ø Helping destination cities set up WeChat accounts: By the end of the second quarter of 2016, the number of monthly active WeChat users totaled 890 million, covering more than 200 countries, and is offered in 20- plus languages. Aditionaly, there are now more than 20 million WeChat accounts for various brands. Tencent is a strategic partner of WTCF that can enable members to creat e tourism city ’s WeChat accounts with simplified process. WTCF can help to identify related cooperative partner to provide:

Publishing real-time information to attract continuous attention.

Dedicated personnel for collecting, sorting, editing, and uploading information.

Responding to the questions of subscribers on a regular basis.

Having on-going interactions with subscribers.

Ø Discovery - City Detector: WTCF conducts field studies in tourism destination cities with media (tourism-related enterprises) and Key Opinion Leaders of China’s tourism industry. Together, they explore lesser known scenic spots of destination cities, helping these destination cities become the most popular ones by subsequent packaging and promotions.

Remarks: Key Opinion Leader (KOL): People commanding great influence on Weibo platforms. The number of followers to a tourism KOL may total tens of thousands or even millions. Information published on their we-media sites carries greater weight and circulates quickly then on other media platforms. Their “opinions” and “suggestions” have a very strong appeal in social media.

Ø World Tourism Cities- Penguin Media Open Platform of Tencent:

Push to submitted information to the client ends of Penguin.

Video platform of Tencent: Set the video section of WTCF. Play the promotional video of WTCF and its members. Live streaming of the city member’s festivals via the news APP of Tencent.

Official WeChat: help members set up accounts with simplified procedures.

Off-line promotion: Penguin Viewing the World Brand Promotion integrates Tencent influence on internet media, selects superior key opinion leaders and We-media participants to provide abundant and solid off-line promotions for member cities.

Ø World Tourism Cities I-Channel-Special Section of iQIYI:

“I-Channel” will set a link at th e obvious position of iQIYI Travel Channel. The contents are mainly for promoting member cities’outstanding tourism resources. Live broadcast of big ceremonies and promotions can also be provided. This information can be pushed to many different media platforms, such as iqiyi.com, PPS, Galaxy Kiwi Fruit TV and so on. To display member cities’landscapes mai nly wi th p romo, short videos and other tourism cities’resources.

Members can p rovide live clear shooting materials for Roll the Earth and XFun Chowhound Club. The production team can provide post-editing services. Rock the Earth is a novelty-seeking program, the contents are interesting with spotlights. XFun Chowhound Club is a content-planting program. Corresponding content can be planted according to the requests of city or institutional members.

Ø World Tourism Cities –China Railway Literature & Art Tourism Edition: WTCF cooperates with the only tourism magazine issued on China’s bullet-train and high speed railway to release a monthly tourism edition. 1-2 member cities’ resources will be recommended in each issue with detailed news, beautiful pictures, and valuable travel information and vivid and diverse trip tips to promote member cities’ landscapes and tourism resources. Each issue has a readership of more than 400 million.

Ø City Invitation - the Travel Program Devoted by WTCF and Travel Channel: Humanistic Themed Tourism Reality Show Worldwide Participation and Broadcasted via Livestream

(III) Publicity

【Program Goals】

1、Serve the member cities and raise their brand image

2、Promote city cultures and facilitate communication within the tourism industry

3、Provide services for public outgoings and offer the latest news

【Basic Content】

WTCF city members will send out two invitation card and two or more guests (celebrities or ordinary people) will be selected. The host of the Travel Channel will bring the guests along to experience the member cities. The beauty of the city and various tourism resources will be displayed thoroughly.

【Themed Activities】

The program begins with the“ City Invitation”—“The city’s beauty awaits your discovery.”themed activity before shooting. Guests will be selected through a nation wide collection. The contents of the promotional program will be related to city memb ers. Participation i n th e p rogram will provide an excellent promotional opportunity for member cities, allowing it to widen its influence and showcase hot-spots.

【The Host】

ARTHUR W. CHANCE, humanity traveler, reporter and host, he used to be the Senior Vice-chairman of China Tourists Association and has visited more than 130 countries and regions of the world. He is called the“ Chinese Ian Layte”.


The show will be broadcasted in seasons, which will be released in sequence. 3 member cities will be chosen for each season. Four episodes will be made for each city (one episode per week) for a total of 12 episodes every season. Each episode is 50 minutes long.

For more information, please login:www.wtcf.org.cn or contact publicity@wtcf.travel

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