Beijing Tourism Group (BTG)

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【Introduction】:Founded in 1998, Beijing Tourism Group (BTG) has become a top tourism service group with subsidiaries of comprehensive strength in profound culture and history, rich brand resources, complete product chains and developed industrial clusters.

Founded in 1998, Beijing Tourism Group (BTG) has become a top tourism service group with subsidiaries of comprehensive strength in profound culture and history, rich brand resources, complete product chains and developed industrial clusters. It is among China’s top 500 companies and ranks high on the list of China’s top 10 tourism groups. Headquartered in Beijing, the group reaches out to the whole country with its second largest strategic industrial cluster based in Hainan Province. Nearly 300 shareholding and joint-stock companies from home and aboard, together with over 1600 member companies, constitute BTG strategic layout featuring domestic network and international chain. The six sectors of the Group, namely dining, lodging, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment, cover businesses such as catering, hotels, transport, travel agency, retailing and scenic spots, etc.

Beijing Tourism Group (BTG)

By taking “brand + capital” as its strategy, asset securitization ratio of BTG has been on the rise. In 1996, Beijing Capital Retailing Group Co., Ltd, mainly focusing on tourism business, was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, making it a leading company in the industry; in 2000, Beijing Capital Tourism Co., Ltd, mainly focusing on hotels and scenic areas, was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, generating a good performance in the tourism sector; in 2006, Home Inn Group was listed on NASDAQ, blazing a trail for development of China’s economy chain hotels; in 2007, China Quanjude Group Co., Ltd, mainly focusing on catering, was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, transforming from a time-honored Chinese brand to a modern chain company.

Abiding by the strategy of “becoming internationalized while fostering national brand”, and upholding the ideas of “Chinese Hospitality” featuring international standard, Chinese characteristics, and value for money, BTG intensifies the development of its brand chain management and is committed to the management layout of “one new section followed by one listed company, one brand series with one chain management system”.

BTG has enhanced its strategy management. Based on the master plan of BTG Development Plan for the Twelfth Five Year Plan, the group has formulated the following five supplemented plans, namely, the Talent Development Plan for the Twelfth Five Year Plan, Guidelines on BTG Employee Team Building, BTG Financial Plan for the Twelfth Five Year Plan, BTG Investment and Financing Plan for the Twelfth Five Years Plan, BTG Development Plan on Brand Building. All these supplemented plans have further clarified the development strategy of the group.

BTG has improved its human resource management by building learning-oriented enterprise to create a people-oriented, harmonious family. Specifically, it focuses on staff training, in particular, on enhancing the quality of its operation managers; it has trained a pool of young and middle-aged cadres and recruited many medium- and senior-level managers and professionals from outside the company; its subsidized companies have set up enterprise annuity account for tens of thousands of employees.

BTG has been active in delivering its social responsibility. The group has participated in the reception and service work for various major events such as Beijing Olympic Games, Celebration Events for the 60th Anniversary of the National Day, China-Africa Cooperation Forum, Asian Fortune Forum and the 10th World Tourism and Travel Convention Summit, etc. It has received high appraisal from the whole country and guests from all countries. At the same time, BTG donated money and goods to the people in disaster-hit areas in 2008 and 2010 respectively due to the earthquake and wintry storms. BTG has also been active in participating in carbon emission working group of World Travel & Tourism Council and has made great contribution to low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection.

Going forward, BTG will be guided by the idea of “Chinese Hospitality” and implemented Scientific Outlook on Development to carry out the basic roadmap and major political guidelines established by Party Central Committee and the State Council. It will abide by the working requirements of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Beijing Municipal Government and Beijing SASAC. It will closely follow the new trend, change and features of economic situation at home and abroad. Based on the overall principle of “adjusting structure, innovating operation, intensifying management and Chinese Hospitality”, it will try to “change through innovation, progress through steady development, innovation and promote excellence through progress”, so as to realize the common development of the enterprise and the employees, to maintain harmony and stability, to share development result and to advance the sound and rapid development of the Group.

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