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【Introduction】:The city is named China s top ten livable cities and China’s top 100 tourism cities. The city of Mudanjiang is named after for the Mudan River flowing through it.

Participated Cities:Mudanjiang

Mudanjiang is located in the southeast of Heilongjiang Province, total area is 4.06 km²with Ningan, Hailin and Suifenhe etc. 10 cities and counties under its jurisdiction and 2.8 million population. It is well konw as “the south of the Yangze River in the North of the Great Wall”.

Mudanjiang, with beautiful mountain, river, lake and forest in its hug and is rich in products. It is the elegant south of the Yangze River in the forest sea and snow land, it is the hometown of fish and rice in the white mountain and black water. Mudanjiang, it is the Bohai ancient kingdom in the past time and the centenary port of modern time, the history of civilization lasts 3000 years. Mudanjiang, is the important hub on the big international trade and economic channel of northeast Asia, it is the demonstration city of opening China’s border areas to the outside world.

Mudanjiang city is the Sino-Russian boundary trade and tourist frontier, there are 4 national first class ports including Mudanjiang international airport to Russia, Suifenhe road and railway, Dongning road . Active boundary trade, and rich exotic customs creates necessary conditions for developing boundary tourist and transnational tourist .

Mudanjiang city is China's excellent tourist city, heilongjiang province international tourism center city, is the tourism competitiveness of city economic association rated as top cities in China. Is China's top ten livable city. Mudanjiang city there are scenic spots more than 50, including A level scenic spots there are 15, the s-class ski resorts there are 3, all kinds of demonstration area there are 3.

Mudanjiang lakes, rivers, wetlands in mudanjiang valley dotted, self-restraint water, moisten the dense forest, make the mudanjiang picturesque scenery, is full of the charm of original ecological, become a natural summer resort.

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