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【Introduction】:Jiaozuo has the sites of Peiligang Culture, Yangshao Culture and Longshan Culture. It is also the birthplace of China’s historical and cultural celebrities such as Sima Yi, Han Yu, Li Shangyin, Zhu Zaiyu, Xu Heng, Shan Tao and Xiang Xiu.

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Jiaozuo is a top tourist city of China and the land of taijiquan (a kind of traditional Chinese shadow boxing) as well.

As early as 8,000 years ago, our forefathers lived and procreated on this land; in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, it was the vicinity of the capital city; in the Han Dynasty, it was Henei prefecture; and after the Tang Dynasty, it was named Huaizhou Prefecture, Huaimeng Prefecture and Huaiqing Prefecture. In 1956, Jiaozuo city was set up, Jiaozuo has a population of 3.68 million.Jiaozuo is one of the cities with the most vitality in central-west region of China.

Jiaozuo boasts abundant and unique tourism resources. The landscapes of Jiaozuo are richly endowed by nature, embracing the scenery of both South and North China. The Taihang Mountains that meander southwards for 800 miles is intersected abruptly in Jiaozuo, thus giving birth to a number of steep precipices and deep valleys. Mt. Yuntai World Geopark, which is formed by five major scenic spots, namely Mt. Yuntai, Qingtian River, Shennong Mountain, Fenglin Gorge and Qinglong Vally, has become world famous. Traveling in them, tourists will feel as if they entered a magnificent and mystical geological treasure house, or a wonderful landscape book, and picturesque scenery to their hearts’content.

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Opening Ceremony of Movie "Birth of the Dragon" Holds in Jiaozuo

On April 11th morning, an opening ceremony of an action movie “Birth of the Dragon” was held in ChenJiaGou, Wen County, JiaoZuo, China.

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