The Spring Skiing Fervor in Altay

Publish Time:2021-04-18

【Introduction】:In April, ski resorts of Altay are like those around the Alps of Europe and the Rocky Mountains of North America. An endless stream of skiing enthusiasts from South China have come to explore the fantastic world, and the spring skiing fervor continues in Altay.

In April, ski resorts of Altay are like those around the Alps of Europe and the Rocky Mountains of North America. An endless stream of skiing enthusiasts from South China have come to explore the fantastic world, and the spring skiing fervor continues in Altay.

The General Manager of Altay Taiyun Tourism Investment Group Wang Lei stated: “Ever since April, Keketuohai International Ski Resort has attracted a number of skiers from around the country. They have all come for the fantastic snow in the springtime. During the three days of Qingming Festival, the resort has received a total of 18,000 visitors. Now, the number could reach 1,000 every day”.

Altay is located in the southern margin of the middle section of the Altai Mountains, and it boasts plenty of world-class ice and snow resources. The vertical drop exceeds 1,000 meters. The snow season starts earlier than in other areas and lasts for more than 180 days. The natural snow in most of the resorts here is more than 1 meter deep. They are known for the sunny days, pleasant temperatures, soft snow and good skiing experiences. Skiers could enjoy cutting through fresh snow from March until April in spring.

Keketuohai International Ski Resort sits on the Altai Mountains with a relative higher altitude of 3,100 meters. The ski runs have a lower altitude of 1,900 meters and the vertical drop reaches 1,200 meters. The resort offers three cable cars. Tourists who have come by air and checked into its hotel partners could enjoy one-day skiing on runs for beginners free of charge. Moreover, medical staff with certificates could enjoy skiing and watch the scenery in cable cars for free.

The young singer Wang Qi has impressed the audience with Shepherds of Keketuohai at the Spring Festival Gala. This song lets the nation learn about the splendid place once again, and tourists rushed to Keketuohai International Ski Resort this winter. The ski runs here boast the biggest drop and highest altitude, and the 44 runs are designed for skiers of all levels. The longest one nationwide Gem Run extends for 9 kilometers, the steepest one Black Run has a vertical drop of 227 meters and an average slope of 71.28 degrees, and the Diamond Run which could hold downhill skiing competitions is the paradise for skiing lovers around the country with a maximum drop of 900 meters.

The skier from Sichuan He Shenglin commented: “Keketuohai International Ski Resort is among the best ones in China. We have been to several ski resorts in Northeast China and Xinjiang, but they can’t compare with Keketuohai. Here, the snow is nicer and the slope is steeper. Most importantly, the ski season lasts from October 1st until the mid and late May next year. We can enjoy skiing for as long as half a year”.

Altay is situated at 45° latitude north, the line of the “Golden Snowfield”. It is recognized as China’s Snow Capital, the Place of Origin of Skiing for the Mankind and one of the best natural skiing regions in the county. With a short drive of five minutes from Altay, Jiangjunshan is China’s closest ski resort to urban areas.

The person in charge of Jiangjunshan Ski Resort Shi Zhiqiang said: “At present, the snow in Yekaxia International Ski Resort and Yexue Park will not melt until May. This means tourists in Altay could still enjoy cutting through the pink snow even in spring. Hence Altay is the top choice for skiers in Xinjiang and from other places”.

China Ski Association has designated Jiangjunshan Ski Resort as China’s Training Base for Downhill Skiing, and Xinjiang Sports Bureau has recognized it as the Training Base for Downhill Skiing of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. In January, 2018, the resort won the title of the Training Base for Downhill Skiing of the National Team.

In recent years, Altay has grasped the strategic opportunities offered by the coming of the 2022 Winter Olympics and the initiative of “Revitalizing Xinjiang by Promoting Tourism”. Besides, it has vigorously explored the green development mode of frigid areas, fully utilized the world-class tourism resources of ice and snow, supported tourism with industry and agriculture, and established the comprehensive industrial chain combining winter sports, equipment manufacturing and industrial services. Tourists could go skiing, play with snow and watch the nice scenery when there is a great variety of products and services to choose from.

In 2020, Altay witnessed rapid development of its ice and snow industry. More than 80,000 people had great fun in winter sports here, and tourism offered over 68,000 jobs. In the snow season from 2020 to 2021, Altay has received 9,350,700 visits, showing a year-on-year increase of 145.31%. In the winter of 2020, ten ski resorts including Jiangjunshan, Keketuohai, Jikepulin and Yekaxia received 421,700 visits, of which 241,000 were made by skiers.

The Director of Altay Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio, Television and Tourism Liu Kechuan noted: “We will continue to promote the construction of ‘Two Cores, Two Belts and Eleven Groups’ in accordance with the overall layout of ‘Four Regions and One Area’, and build Altay’s core area of ice and snow tourism represented by the Snow Capital and Hemu New Skiing City. We will promote the traditional culture about Altay’s ancient snowboards made of fur and build Altay into a world-renowned skiing city, a pilot area for China's ice and snow economy featuring high-quality development, a new landmark of the world's ice and snow industry highlighting innovation”.

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