Introduction to the Committee of Tourism-Related Businesses

Publish Time:2021-05-19 13:56:00Source:WTCF

1. To promote cooperation and coordination among Committee members, take full advantage of information, data, activities, forum platform and other resources of the Committee, and upgrade promotion and service extension of tourism products.

2. To provide professional service for Committee members, help members gradually upgrade high quality service standards, and establish normative public service facility and standard system.

3. To establish mutual benefit mechanism among Committee members, jointly shape the market, mutually send passenger source, simultaneously advertise, and enhance cooperation in the development of tourism market.

4. To promote successful management experiences of Committee members, coordinate internal relations among members, assist to solve conflicts and disputes among Committee members, correct wrong actions which are bad for market, and push to adopt outstanding business operation and profit model.

5. To actively create opportunity and platform for Committee members, WTCF member cities, and other industrial organizations to communicate and coordinate.

6. To research and study condition of enterprises’ operation and development in the tourism market, carry out market and development tendency evaluation, set up tourism resource and tourism operation database through information platform.

7. To urge Committee members to attend WTCF member cities’ tourism conferences and sales exhibitions, and organize training and education in member cities.

8. To create extra space and advantage for operation and development and convenient communication channel for Committee members.

9. To establish mechanism and protect Committee members’ legitimate rights.

10. To advance the perfection of tourism security mechanism and establish Committee members’ credit and security mechanism in the public.

11. To promote and commend Committee members’ voluntary contributions.

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