Vienna: Mozart, Strauss and DJ Sounds

Night after night in Vienna, music fans are treated to live classical music. Over the year the Vienna concert schedule includes thousands of events of various sizes and genres. No other city has been home to so many composers – Mozart, Mahler, Haydn, Beethoven and Johann Strauss, the king of the Viennese waltz, all worked in the city.

Almaty: Trip to City's 'Music Box'

As the largest city in Kazakhstan, Almaty is known for music. Hundreds of years ago, nomads living here enjoyed playing dombra in their free time, and their tradition of song and dance has shaped the present Almaty. For those who love traditional Kazakh music, Almaty's musical instrument museum has always been a holy place in their hearts.

Bogotá: A Creative City of Music

Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, is known as a creative city of Music because of its thriving cultural and artistic scenes from incredible street-arts to huge annual theatres. It has become a vibrant music scene and has become a major regional music center.

Harbin: Featured Buildings in 'Music City'

Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province, is a city situated in the northernmost province of China. Harbin had the earliest access to European classical music. It also is the home to China's oldest symphony orchestra, the Harbin Symphony Orchestra. The city also is renowned for its Central Street, a European-style street that combines music and architecture and where a 1,000-piano concert was held in 2006, which set a Guinness World Record. In 2010, Harbin became the first city in Asia named "Music City" by UNESCO. Let's enjoy featured buildings in the "Music City".

Sevilla: Find Warmth in Enthusiastic Music

Seville was appointed by UNESCO as the first City of Music. The city reflects centuries of musical tradition and influence on a global scale.

Tallinn: Romantic Music Gene

As the capital, Tallinn is the largest center of music culture in Estonia. Music has always played a very important role in Estonian cultural identity, and Estonia stands out from many other European countries for its innovative classical music and love of singing.

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