Top Five Booze-tasting Possibilities in Berlin

Berlin is a city full of culinary experiences. The specialness is reflected in the diversity. There are several distilleries and especially breweries in the German capital that, in addition to guided tours and tastings, usually have seating in a cosy atmosphere.

Whisky in Edinburgh: Water of Life

Few spirits can be compared to whisky, and in the world of whisky, few whiskies can be compared to Scotch Whisky. Scotch Whisky, especially malt whisky made in Scotland, is defined and regulated by legal documents that govern the production, labelling, packaging and advertising of Scotch Whisky in the UK.

Dry Gin That Has 'Amazed' London

Gin as a type of spirits originated in the Netherlands but popularized and prospered in Britain. To be more specific, London has a long history of gin, and its gin lovers have a national reputation. Visit one of these gin-featured bars in London, tour one of London's gin distilleries, or take a gin-specialized class to test your skills. Find your favorite gin bar in London!

Mexico City: Taste the 'Soul' of Mexico

Reposado is the lightest category of tequila and is usually stored in barrels for more than 60 days and less than a year. The micro-brewed tequila has a light golden color and is sought after by many enthusiasts. It is believed that a short period of barrel storage can add to the aroma and taste of the spirit while retaining a good deal of the agave's own flavor. Micro-brewed tequila is ideal for drinking neat.

Prague: A Great Beer City

Czech beers of high-quality are available everywhere, and it is highly recommended that you pick a bar in a less touristy part of the city for a more traditional drinking experience.

Tbilisi: A 8,000-year-old Drop

Georgia is recognized as one of the oldest countries in the world where viticulture and wine-making are continuously practiced. Situated at the crossroads of the Eastern and Western civilizations, this country now has over 500 indigenous grape varieties and produces wines that are loved by tourists and bartenders around the world. Why not take a wine-tasting tour in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, while spring is in full swing?

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