Casablanca: Visit the White Romantic City

Casablanca means "white house" in Spanish. When the Portuguese Force broke into the city, they saw the white-colored buildings around them and exclaimed, "Casablanca!" - The city was founded in the 10th century B.C. as a strategic port and was built into a large, modern city during the time when Morocco was a protectorate.

Zhangjiajie: The Wonderland That Inspired a Sci-fi Creation

The majestic and amazing Hallelujah Mountain shown in Avatar derives itself from the world-renowned Zhangjiajie in the northwestern part of Hunan Province, in the hinterland of the Wuling Mountains. Zhangjiajie is one of the most important tourist cities in China, like a fairyland on earth with its steep and lofty peaks.

Belfast: Into the Filming Locations of Fantasy

Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland since 1920, is situated along the ocean in the northeast of the Ireland Island and in the southwest of the Port Belfast. The place is covered by temperate marine climate, which explains its ample rainfall and fog in winter and an average annual temperature of 9~19℃. From here, you can head for various filming locations of the popular TV series Game of Thrones, whose popularity can partly be attributed to its grand and breathtaking filming scenes.

Edinburgh: Historic City's Wonders Behind the Screen

Over the past decade, Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland has been drawing attentions from film production companies. Towering castles, magnificent hills and tranquil firth are, more than just destinations favored by tourists, ideal filming locations for a number of movies.

Paris: Encountering the Romance and the Mundaneness in Scenes

Speak of Paris, the word "romance" springs to mind. Every year, besides tourists, many film-makers are also attracted by the city's romantic vibe and set their stories in Paris. However, Paris is not just about romance. Ordinary things also happens here everyday in every corner of Paris.

London: British Complex in Film Reels

As the shooting place of many movies, London is no stranger to movie fans. This time, let's take a close look at the London under cine-lens and feel the unique charm of her in the art of shadow and light.

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