Beijing: Track of Historical Figures in Ancient Capital

Renowned for its magnificent culture of an ancient capital, and with a history of 800 years that has contributed to its unique city style, Beijing is a place where its amazing former residences of historical figures constitute a significant part of the city. For many years, these houses have been influencing and nourishing every visitor's mind and soul.

Florence: Maestro's Immovable Legacy

As the place of origin of Renaissance, Florence is as charming as ever. The red vaulted ceilings, mottled walls and stunning statues, the everlasting legacies of those artists left by numerous artists in this city in northern Italy centuries ago, together contribute to the rich artistic atmosphere here. At Michelangelo's former residence "Casa Buonarroti", visitors can still feel the master's mindset through everything exhibited here.

London: Feel the Passing of Time

London is a place full of humanistic and romantic atmosphere, which has nurtured many famous people in history. Some of them were born in London, some came from far away, went all the way to London and lived there, witnessing a period of the city's development. This summer, let's go to London, to the former residence of Charles Dickens, Sigmund Freud, and John Keats, feeling the charm of the city's unique cultural heritage.

Los Angeles: City of Celebrities' Former Residences

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the southwest of California, the United States. It is also the largest city in west America, and usually referred to as the "City of Angels". Besides the pleasant natural landscape and famous Hollywood-related architectures, there are quite a few former residences of renowned historical figures worth visiting.

Paris: Footsteps of Great Masters of Literature

Paris is famous not only for the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysées and other classic buildings, but also for many literary giants who gathered here over the centuries to build the profound connotation of Paris, and their former residences here are well worth visiting.

Qingdao: Sea, Woods, and Stories of Literary Figures

Composed by blue sea, green trees, yellow sand, azure sky and many other fine components, Qingdao is a city where the natural landscape amazed many literary figures in the history of China, making them stop by the sea and embrace the local scenery. The city is therefore a nice choice for those who want to know more about the literary figures of China's modern era.

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