Top 8 Cycling Routes in Hamburg

Publish Time:2021-07-19

【Introduction】:We' ve prepared cycling routes with the most beautiful scenery in Hamburg and its surrounding areas for both beginners and professional cyclists to start their most suitable journey.

Cyclists can cross Hamburg and its surrounding areas freely, and take in the sights of acclaimed landmarks inside and outside the city by cycling along the Elbe River. You can also taste cups of strong coffee and delectable cakes in a small café away from bustling metropolises, or enjoy a gentle breeze along the Inner Alster Lake in the downtown area. Let's cycle around Hamburg!

We' ve prepared cycling routes with the most beautiful scenery in Hamburg and its surrounding areas for both beginners and professional cyclists to start their most suitable journey. For professionals and sophisticated cyclists, the longer cycle routes around Hamburg, will never disappoint you, from the about 125-kilometer Heideradweg connecting Hamburg and Bremen, to the Elberadweg running through Germany and covering more than 300 kilometers in Lower Saxony. You can always choose a fascinating and perfect route no matter whether you start a single-day or multi-day cycling tour.

Alster River

Along the Alster River, you can cycle all the way from the natural valley on the outskirts of the city into the downtown and arrive at Hamburg's Town Hall Market. The natural resources of the Alster Valley have been well restored. For example, the wet grassland and forests in the floodplain are lush, even spreading to the tree-lined avenues of Alsterarkaden in the downtown.

Altes Land

Altes Land, located in the southwest of Hamburg, extends to Lower Saxony. It is a great place for cyclists to explore the floral landscape of Hamburg. The largest fruit-growing area in Germany is surrounded by flat grasslands and fine water networks, while huge dams protect the swamps from storm surges. The prosperous life of the local residents should be attributed to their Dutch ancestors, who took the lead in draining the marshes and reclaiming fertile land.

New Landscapes along the Elbe River

If you think that the Landungsbrücken, the Elbe beach and the seaside residential area Treppenviertel are all clichés, you can cycle against the current! On this new route, the highlights of the landscapes along the Elbe River can be witnessed in four hours. If you are tired of riding in the end, you can easily return to the city by just stepping on the S-Bahn (city train) line 21!


From Wittenberge via Hamburg to Cuxhaven, the Elberadweg will take you across Germany along the most charming and ever-changing river in Europe. The Elbe River is one of Germany's "slow" rivers: the absolute altitude difference between Cuxhaven and Wittenberge is merely 30 meters. Therefore, you can cycle effortlessly no matter whether you are going down the current or up the current unless you encounter strong winds. The section from Cuxhaven to Hamburg is about 141 kilometers long, so you can make a pit stop in a Hanseatic League City for the rest of the journey.

Start a Cycling Tour with a Hamburg CARD

Cycle around Hamburg to enjoy the highlights brought by the Hamburg CARD along the way. We have designed a special route for all those that want to cycle around Hamburg, which leads to the police museum in Alsterdorf via the Port of Hamburg, Inner and Outer Alster Lake. After returning to the bicycle rental office through Sternschanze, you can park your car and watch a show!


Take a cycling tour to the southeast of Hamburg and come to the grasslands of eastern Lüneburg to appreciate the diverse beauty! This route passes through the charming Hanseatic League City of Lüneburg, the magnificent Elbtalaue, the forests of Göhrde and Drawehn, the Nemitzer Heide and the village of Rundlingsdörfer. The long-standing culture is deeply rooted in ancient and modern history. With its unique architecture and ancient farming culture, Rundlingsdörfer will surely make you linger.

Radfernweg Hamburg – Bremen

This 150-kilometer bikeway connects Hamburg and Bremen, a well-known Hanseatic City in North Germany. It will take you away from the bustling city roads and you will explore the land between the Elbe River and Weser, North Sea and Heath River. No matter whether you're going to Hamburg or Bremen, you will appreciate the enjoyable experiences of cycling along ancient trade routes, highway branches or quiet forest trails. Choose not to get off the bike in a hurry when you arrive in the city. Try to continue exploring the city on your bike!


Vierlande and Marschlande are rural areas located in the southeast of Hamburg. Vierlande means "four villages". As the name suggests, it is named after four villages, namely Curslack, Neuengamme, Altengamme and Kirchwerder. In Vierlande, you can visit Germany's largest flower and vegetable garden, and you will be impressed by the unique culture in the ancient village and the former center of Bergedorf. It will be more interesting to cycle around here!

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