"Being Bold": Belfast Chamber Releases Proposal to Enhance Belfast's City Centre

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【Introduction】:Belfast Chamber opts to make Belfast City Centre "bold", as they detail their proposal for Belfast City's Council's "Bolder Vision for Belfast" public consultation.

Belfast Chamber opts to make Belfast City Centre "bold", as they detail their proposal for Belfast City's Council's "Bolder Vision for Belfast" public consultation.

This "Bolder Vision for Belfast" blueprint aims to explore a shared approach to creating a more accessible, safe, and vibrant city. With particular focus on promoting wellbeing for all, prioritising walking, cycling and public transit. Along with creating lively, safe and green landscapes and removing barriers of free-flowing movement between the city centre and local communities.

This consultation developed jointly by Belfast City Council, The Department for Communities and the Department for Infrastructure allowed the public to have their input on a number of the proposals which seek to transform Belfast's city centre.

In this proposal, the Belfast Chamber of Commerce highlighted their take on this project, seeking to make the city more environmentally and economically vibrant to increase footfall and visitor numbers. Including aims such as:

To make Belfast city centre accessible and inclusive to everyone in our city as well as visitors and tourists

Suggesting that a redevelopment of Belfast's inner ring could be integral to this plan, by reallocating existing roadway to make way for additional public transit lanes, segregated cycling infrastructure and the widening of footways for pedestrians.

Placing an importance on the insertion of more amenity space, including a plan to construction platforms over the top of sections of the Westlink, creating acres of new space for community projects such as play areas, parkland, and greenways. Creating an integrated and accessible city centre, rather than a tunnel which creates a barrier between communities and the city centre.

To encourage the creation of a city centre that enhances citizens health and well-being

Belfast Chamber's proposal highlights the importance of building upon the Lagan-side Walkways and City Quays currently in place in Belfast's City Centre. With attention given to creating added developments in order to promote a health and active lifestyle alongside economic growth for the city.

In the proposal, Belfast Chamber suggest to build a Belfast Riverwalk, along the banks of the Lagan which would connect the Titanic Quarter with Ormeau Park, Botanic Gardens and beyond to Belvoir Forest. Building upon the success of the "Maritime Mile" concept. Promoting pedestrian walking routes and implementing family-friendly activities to enhance citizen's wellbeing and enjoyment of the Lagan and Waterfront.

To build a greener, more sustainable and environmentally friendlier city centre

A plan proposed by Belfast Chamber was the creation of a "University Park" which would integrate both of the academic institutions that Belfast has to offer. Starting from the Ulster University Campus in Cathedral Quarter, this green, linear park would extend 2 miles along Royal Avenue and Donegal Place, around City Hall and down Bedford Street, Dublin Road before ending along Botanic Avenue into Botanic Gardens. Connecting Ulster University to Queens University.

This green space would include small urban gardens at locations like Castle Place and the City Hall grounds, creating a new urban area in the heart of Belfast City Centre. Belfast Chamber believe that this creation would promote leisure, spending time with loved ones, supporting local real and hospitality business. Along with boosting wellbeing and contributing towards Belfast's fight against climate change. Becoming the "green spine" which connects Belfast's much loved destinations together.

To support the city's businesses

By creating a city centre that is a must visit destination where people can enjoy our unique blend of retail, hospitality and leisure businesses and is also an attractive place for talent which , in turn, encourages greater investment and job creation along with tourism to the city centre.

Taking to twitter, Simon Hamilton, the Chief Executive of Belfast Chamber, stated that

"Our proposals draw on successful, real life examples of transformation in other cities and are all aimed at making Belfast city centre more inclusive, more sustainable, better for citizens health and wellbeing and a must visit destination that attracts talent and investment."

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