'Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir 2022' Introduced

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【Introduction】:Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer made the presentation of the international gastronomy fair "Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir" to be held on 2-11 September 2022 in Bornova Yeşilova Mound, the oldest known living area of the city. Mayor Soyer said, "We wanted Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir to be a square for everyone who believes that another world is possible.

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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer made the presentation of the international gastronomy fair "Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir" to be held on 2-11 September 2022 in Bornova Yeşilova Mound, the oldest known living area of the city. Mayor Soyer said, "We wanted Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir to be a square for everyone who believes that another world is possible.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer hosted the presentation of the international gastronomy fair "Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir", which will be held on 2 – 11 September 2022 at the Izmir International Fair (IEF), the main theme of which is "Mother Earth". For the promotion of "Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir 2022" hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer and his wife Neptün Soyer; ambassadors, district mayors, artists, journalists, writers, bureaucrats, political party representatives, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, representatives of Terra Madre, historians, non-governmental organizations, associations, organizations and heads and representatives of unions, representatives of producer unions and cooperatives.

"The place where the codes of Anatolian fertility civilization were written"

Mayor Tunç Soyer started his words at the presentation at the Yeşilova Tumulus in Bornova, the oldest known living area of İzmir, by saying "Wolf, bird, tree", and said, "This word is said while sprinkling seeds on the ground. I think there is no more concise and stronger word than this, which defines harmony in the face of man's wild greed for wealth, that has never been said on earth. This phrase, which describes Anatolia's fertility mathematics, tells us in its simplest form how we can fight our greed. While taking one for ourselves, giving two to life and nature. Anatolia, a civilization of abundance that is thousands of years old, has produced designs for all living areas based on this simple formula of sustainability. Agriculture, that is, food production, is one of them. Yeşilova, on which we are now, is a place where the codes of Anatolian fertility civilization are written and we should tremble. Thanks to this heritage geography, we are able to decipher the nature-compatible and resilient lifestyles, including 'Another Agriculture'".

Stating that they want to promote the fair, which they care about in order to increase another agriculture in İzmir and Türkiye, especially in Yeşilova Mound, in İzmir, which is 8 years old, Mayor Soyer said, "There is a fundamental reason for organizing this fair. To ensure that every citizen has access to sufficient and healthy food. Because if we are hungry, we are gone. The world food monopolies started and grew with the promise of increasing the efficiency in agriculture and feeding all humanity. The point we have arrived at is the exact opposite. Hunger, drought and poverty. of the global food system kazanbig companies. The losers are the producers, the millions in the cities and nature. So all of us. So, we have to build an agricultural policy that can inspire the whole world, but locally. This policy should achieve three main objectives simultaneously. One must ensure the food security of the millions in our cities who are gripped by poverty. Second, to take care of our small producer, who could not get enough in his birthplace and had to migrate to the city as a cheap labor force. Third, to protect seed, water and soil, which are essential inputs for food production. To produce permanent solutions to the climate crisis. Here is the name we gave to this policy in İzmir: Another Agriculture. Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir is our most important meeting where the phrase 'Another Agriculture is Possible' became flesh and bone.

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"It's not a taste fair, it's a collective mind movement"

Stating that Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir is not just a flavor fair, it is a collective mind movement where we will describe permanent solutions in the face of the climate crisis, energy problem, poverty, drought, food sovereignty, loss of biological diversity and wars, Mayor Tunç Soyer continued his words as follows: The agricultural strategy that we pursue with great determination in Türkiye has proven that the only way to produce good, clean and fair food is correct agricultural planning."

Stating that Türkiye's first shepherd map was made in İzmir, Mayor Soyer said, "We prepared this study at the İzmir Agriculture Development Center, which we opened a year ago. We started to buy the milk produced by 4 shepherds, determined by our expert teams, for almost twice the market value. Although we aspire to one-tenth of the ovine milk produced in Izmir, we have regulated the price of all of it. Sheep Goat Breeders' Association announced the figure given by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality as the base price. In this way, ovine milk, which has a very important place in the fight against drought and poverty, is transferred to the Izmir economy. Since March, we have bought TRY 16,5 million worth of ovine milk through our cooperatives and made cheese from it. Our cheeses were produced by our cooperatives again. We spent TRY 5 million in production costs to process them and make cheese. We had a total of TRY 40 million of cheese. We have created an added value of TRY 18.5 million in just four months and through only one item of product. Moreover, we did this through our municipal companies, without wasting a single penny of public resources. Thanks to this added value we have achieved, we have provided employment to hundreds of young people. Dozens of small producers who gave up milk production returned to their profession. Cooperatives in Bergama, which came to the point of closure, were revived."

"We are restarting domestic and national agriculture"

Mayor Soyer stated that they make applications for pasture livestock with ancestral grains, olives, coastal fisheries and fruits that do not require irrigation, such as grapes, and said, "So, we are restarting domestic and national agriculture. It is obvious that these five product groups, which are compatible with the nature of our region, have not yet found their value sufficiently. However, these are products with extraordinary competitive power and high added value in the world. Products that we can proudly present to the whole world. Each one is a pillar of our vision of Another Agriculture is Possible, which we implement to combat drought and poverty.

We will come together to solve all the crises humanity has fallen into.

Underlining that they designed Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir within the framework of better promoting and explaining the five products, Mayor Soyer said, "This narrative will also reveal a strong tourism potential. These extraordinary tastes will come to light on the Urla Bağ Yolu and all İzMiras routes. That means another tourism. The tourism model confined to the sea, sand, sun classics and all-inclusive five stars does not increase the prosperity of İzmir. For this reason, we are paving the way for another sustainable tourism model that meets agriculture, gastronomy, history and culture. Our farmers, shepherds, fishermen and their cooperatives from different parts of Anatolia will meet in Izmir next September. It will have the chance to present its products directly to the world market. Moreover, we will all come together in Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir to solve all the crises humanity has fallen into. Together, we will draw the roadmap of a new life in which ecological, economic and social democracy is strengthened.

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Producer and consumer will come together

Under the leadership of Slow Food (Slow Food), which advocates good, clean and fair food, the international gastronomy fair Terra Madre, which is held in Turin, Italy every two years, is held simultaneously with the Izmir International Fair (IEF) under the name "Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir" on 2-11 September.

Local manufacturers from all over Türkiye, the Mediterranean and the world will attend the fair, not just Izmir. With the fair, farmers, shepherds, fishermen, economists, intellectuals, ecologists, anthropologists, writers, philosophers, cooks, producer unions and cooperatives and consumers who want to reach healthy, good, fair and clean food from all over the world and Anatolia "Another Agriculture is Possible" will meet in Izmir with its vision.

At the fair, where all examples of Anatolian cuisine and agricultural products will meet, the producers, who have had difficulties in marketing what they have produced so far, will introduce their ancient local products to the whole world without intermediaries. Within the scope of the fair, producers will also have the opportunity to come together and talk about their problems.

With Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir, consumers will also have the opportunity to discover the farmers, fishermen and producers behind the products. Numerous panels and workshops will be held on access to healthy food and agriculture. While the changing food systems will be handled holistically, the flavors of the world will be brought together with Izmir and the flavors of Izmir with the world.

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