Beijing: Discover Industrial History

As the capital of China, Beijing boasts dazzling industrial heritage witnessing the city's ever-changing development. There are revitalized industrial parks, ever-innovative industrial museums and factories that are open for sightseeing... Let's embark on a tour to discover the industrial history of this historic city to fully experience the uniqueness of industrial tourism.

Berlin: A Century of Industrial Culture Creates Extraordinary Charm

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, Berlin was a major industrial city during Germany's industrial boom. A large number of energy supply facilities, such as power plants, pumping stations and substations are located throughout this city was once known as the "electricity capital" of Europe. Rather than just knocking down and rebuilding, Berliners have given these old spaces a new life.

Paris: A Fusion of Romance and Industry

When you come to Paris, the romantic city, besides visiting Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, and the Palace of Versailles, you must experience the city's famous industrial tourism.

Hamburg: Industry Adds the City a Special Charm

As Germany's second-largest economic center, Hamburg is a significant industrial metropolis with Germany's busiest port, which has forged Hamburg's incomparable charm with an industrial style.

Industrial Heritage Tours of London

London has always been known for its museums and historical attractions, among which museums that commemorate the past glory of the Industrial Age are definitely well-noticed.

Shanghai: New Experiences in Old Factories

The scenic Bund, night tour on the Huangpu River, authentic snacks at Chenghuang Temple... It is as if these are all that Shanghai can offer.

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