Sapporo: Hot Springs within the City

Situated in Japan's Hokkaido, Sapporo hardly reminds people of its hot springs. In this country renowned for its hot springs, with numerous cities using their hot springs for their tourism brands, Sapporo seems to be less noticed as a city of hot springs. Many tourists have not yet realized that the baths here are so amazing that no one wants to bid farewell.

Budapest: Enjoy Early Summer in City of Hot Spring

Hungary is world-famous for its abundant geothermal and hot spring resources, and Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has more than one hundred hot springs. Going to hot springs is also a daily pastime for local people. They lie by the hot spring pool, read newspapers, play cards, play chess and chat. This is where you can experience authentic local life.

Xi'an: Historical Atmosphere in Hot Spring

In Xi'an, you can visit the famous "Huaqing Palace" with the relic site of Huaqing Pool constructed for the royal family of the Tang Dynasty. A hot-spring-themed trip in this historical land would bring you back to thousands of years ago and relive the leisure of ancient people.

Seoul: A Great Place to Experience Akaline Hot Springs

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is the country's political, economic, scientific, educational and cultural center. The hot springs here are rich in minerals. In particular, the alkaline hot springs in and around Seoul are great places for visitors to relax and relieve themselves.

Chongqing: "City of Hot Springs" in Southwestern China

Chongqing, a mountainous city, boasts world-class hot spring resources, which could only be compared to those in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, which is praised as the "City of Spas". Chongqing has a long history of hot springs. Based on the rich natural resources, Chongqing authority in 2005 decided to build Chongqing into the "City of Hot Springs", and make hot springs one of its four "city business cards".

Zurich: Enjoy Hot Springs with the Views of Alpine Lakes and Mountains

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the canton of Zurich, which means "water town" in Cretan. The people of Zurich are very creative in developing hot springs. Before the summer heat sets in, why not come to Zurich to experience a hot spring trip and enjoy the early summer?

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