WTCF shares a promising strategy of recovery in a virtual expert panel discussion2020-07-02

ATM Virtual to focus on potential Chinese outbound travel market2020-05-28

World Tourism Cities Federation is invited to conduct an online meeting with Ashgabat, Turkmenistan2020-05-24

A Letter from Chen Jining, Chairman of WTCF Council to the Members of WTCF2020-05-15

"Cultural Tourism Industry Recovery Conference and China Traveler Conference" was held in Guiyang2020-04-17

World Tourism City Federation co-host the "Making sail as the epidemic goes and Spring comes...2020-03-06

WTCF held expert panel discussion at FITUR for the first time2020-01-30

WTCF held the 2020 New Year Reception in Beijing2020-01-09

WTCF and TRC-CASS jointly released the Report on World Tourism Economy Trends (2020)2020-01-09

The delegates of WTCF attended the 7th Annual Meeting of China's Tourism Industry2019-12-30

WTCF Central Asia Tourism Conference 2019 is held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan2019-11-27

Li Baochun: the area along the Belt and Road has become a region with the biggest potential in global...2019-11-27

WTCF participates CITM and promotes members' tourism resources2019-11-19

Sharing and building: WTCF and WTTC jointly contributing to the world’s tourism industry2019-11-16

WTCF hold “Best Practices of Smart Tourism in Cities” panel in this year’s WTM2019-11-11

WTCF Holds a Forum of “Booming Chinese Outbound Market” on the Day of the WTM Opening2019-11-11

WTCF delegates attended the 2019 World Culture and Tourism Forum2019-10-24

The World Tourism Cities Federation delegation attended the 8th Global Tourism Economy Forum2019-10-18

WTCF delegations attend 8th UNWTO Global Summit on Urban Tourism2019-10-12

Beijing Expo 2019 Award Ceremony: WTCF won the silver award2019-10-11

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