Airbnb Revamp to Provide More Clarity on Accommodation

Publish Time:2023-11-13 16:12:02Source:Travel Weekly

【Introduction】:Revamped ratings and reviews are being introduced by Airbnb with a new listings tab to help hosts better showcase their homes.

Revamped ratings and reviews are being introduced by Airbnb with a new listings tab to help hosts better showcase their homes.

Two million best-rated properties on the home-sharing site will be highlighted as 'guest favourites'.

Almost two-thirds of these come from super-hosts, who have been recognised for their track record of outstanding hospitality.

A redesigned ratings page with new features to help guests understand the quality of every home is being added together with new tools for hosts to manage their listing on the site.

The company said: "Airbnb has more than seven million homes all over the world. Each home is one-of-a-kind, and this uniqueness is what sets Airbnb apart. 

"But guests have told us that with so much variety, it can be hard to know what they're going to get. 

"This is why many people prefer hotels, and it's the number one obstacle preventing them from booking on Airbnb.

"Today, we're introducing three major upgrades to help guests understand exactly what to expect before they book"

Guests have left more than 371 million reviews about their stays on Airbnb. 

"These ratings and reviews are the best way to understand the quality of a home," the company added. 

"But today, there is limited information on the ratings page, and it's hard for guests to find reviews that are relevant to them. The redesigned ratings page includes three new features that make reviews easier to read and much more helpful.

"Managing a listing is one of the most essential parts of hosting because it's how guests learn about a home. In fact, we've seen that listings with more details can get up to 20% more bookings. 

"But many listings are missing the details guests care about because adding them has been too difficult. That's why we're introducing the listings tab – a set of new tools for hosts to easily manage their listing and showcase the details of their home."

Co-founder and chief executive Brian Chesky added: "People often describe checking into an Airbnb as a 'moment of truth'-  when you find out if the home you booked meets your expectations.

"Too often, it doesn't. We're changing that today. With 'guest favourites', revamped reviews, and the new listings tab, you'll now know exactly what to expect every time you book."

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