Rome: Traditional and Fresh Flavor Lingering on Your Tongue

As the capital of Italy, and the birthplace of Ancient Rome Empire, Rome is called “city of eternity” for its long history. Also with quite a long history, food culture of Rome is very abundant.

Paris: Indulging in Classic French Cuisine

French cuisine is famous for its strict selection of materials and exquisite cooking procedure. Truffle, snails, and foie gras are all classic French dishes.

Hamburg: Delicacy Exploration in Financial Center

Hamburg is the second largest city and financial center of Germany. It’s the place in which the most important port and the largest foreign trade center of the country are located.

Bangkok: Special Experience Between Restaurants And Marketplaces

Speaking of leisure travel to Southeast Asia, Bangkok must be the first destination choice for many people. It is not only a slow-pace city for you to enjoy your vacation, but also has local cuisines with distinct characteristics.

Macao: The Taste of Harmony of Oriental and Western Elements

Located in the southern part of China, the magnificent Macao has witnessed the cultural communications between the East and the West lasting for centuries. Such contacts led to the birth of Portuguese-style dishes in Macao.

Chengdu: A Thrilling Tour for Your Tongue

As one of the eight major Chinese cuisines, Sichuan Cuisine is renowned for mouth-numbing and spicy flavors, luring aroma and freshness. As the capital city of Sichuan Province, Chengdu enjoys the title of City of Gastronomy awarded by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

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